Ana, Mon Amour

Ana, Mon Amour

Toma meets Ana while they are both studying literature at university. Ana has a mild neurotic disorder and suffers from panic attacks. Toma follows her to every dark corner she ends up in, he fights his parents when they reject her, he accepts being a father and marries her, he becomes her babysitter, her driver, her everything. Toma appears to be in control of the couple’s relationship, when in fact he just gravitates around a woman he can not understand, pushing his endurance to the limit, trying to save her.

When Ana overcomes her fears and becomes adapted to the outside world, Toma remains alone, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, striving to understand the whirlwind that he has gone through.


Kunde : Beta Film
Kategorie(n) : Junket
Addresse : http://www.betacinema.com/en/produkt/do/detail.html?id=4291

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